To renovate or rebuild? Marketo's own journey to a new instance


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What happens when your organisation faces frequent turnover, an ageing Marketo instance, or has been bogged down by poor data hygiene? In some cases, you can simply refresh or clean up your instance. In other cases, it’s time to cut all ties with the past and get yourself a brand new Marketo instance. Join us to hear about Project Meta - moving Marketo from its more than 10-year-old instance to a new one. Learn how Marketo took the opportunity to re-imagine marketing operations and drive growth within the organisation, hear the lessons we learned along the way, and discover key improvements that you can bring back to your organisation.

You’ll leave with:

  • Tools to audit your instance and decide if you need to refresh or rebuild
  • An understanding of the scale and scope of a Marketo migration
  • Best practices for Marketo instance governance

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