The (bumpy) road to CMO: Actionable insights in fearless marketing


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In a world where customer experiences are fragmented and a technology landscape with more than 6,800 different vendors can overwhelm any marketer, how does a CMO approach her first year on the job? Join this session for candid reflections and actionable insights from Sarah Kennedy, who took the job as Marketo’s chief marketing officer and led her fearless marketing organisation through a year of constant change and the industry’s biggest acquisition by Adobe. You’ll hear about the major wins and epic fails, as well as why “fearlessness” was the common theme through it all.

Key Take-Aways

  • Discover how to leverage your customers to drive your business.
  • Learn why a marketer’s level of tension with the sales team directly correlates to their value to the organisation
  • Understand the importance of making your CFO your best friend, and why overspending is not the cardinal sin.
  • Feel empowered to build your inner circle and all-star leadership team even in the middle of constant change

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