Targeting Your Social Ads: Facebook Remarketing and Marketo Personalization


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Looking to double your click-through rate and lower cost-per-click by 25%? The collaboration of Marketo Real Time Personalization and Facebook's Custom Audiences allows you to append Marketo firmographic data and persona information to your audiences to improve remarketing and personalization efforts!

You'll be able to target key audiences and display more relevant and personalized ads to improve your conversion rates and digital advertising ROI! Join Marketo's Mike Telem and Facebook's Ravi Adusumilli to learn how Marketo personalization and Facebook remarketing ads work together to seamlessly present the content your prospects/customers want to see!

Watch the recording to discover how:

  • Personalization and remarketing work together
  • To re-engage with interested customers
  • Marketo doubled its CTRs and lowered ad spend costs 
  • To get started with Marketo and Facebook remarketing!

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