Enterprise Demo: How to Earn Your Seat at the Revenue Table


With 2015 planning in full force at your enterprise organization, you may be wondering how to meet or exceed your share of the budget for the coming year. How can you connect the dots between all of the programs you've run in various channels over the past year and the revenue your C-suite can expect in 2015?

Join Marketo experts Shyna Zhang and Tim Kirby for an on-demand overview and demonstration of the right metrics you can use to prove your programs' success and ultimately increase your share of the budget next year. 

Listen in to discover:

  • How L2RM, or "Lead-to-Revenue Management" can help you own the sales-marketing connection
  • How to focus on improving ROI, not just proving it
  • The metrics that matter to your C-suite and how to obtain them
  • Much more! 

See Marketo Engage in Action!

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