Getting Found: Attract and Convert More Top-of-Funnel Buyers


Today's buyers do their own research. As marketers, we need to know what our buyers are searching for and how we can reach them with content that's high-quality and relevant. But with the abundance of information changing in the marketplace so quickly, it can be tough to keep up.

Find out how Innotas was able to leverage Captora to understand buyer needs, create campaigns at scale, convert them to leads at the top of the funnel, and then, with the power of Marketo, use that intelligence to turn those leads into customers.

Join this month's LaunchPoint webinar to discover how to:

  • Understand precisely what your buyers are searching for online
  • Optimize and tailor your messaging to what your buyers respond to
  • Focus your energy more efficiently by benchmarking your content against the competition
  • Create campaigns at scale to convert more top-of-funnel leads


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