Adapting to a new Marketing Reality


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Digital Transformation has never been more important to your company’s ability to thrive

This is episode two of the Let’s Get Digital Bootcamp, where we explore how to best adapt during this disrupted period, learning from a variety of industry experts.

Most businesses are facing challenges right now, and it's time for us marketers to come together and share creative strategies for keeping customers engaged and supported during this period.

For most, business must go on and targets need to be met. Marketers are still on the hook for generating awareness and pipeline. But it's important you also take the time get your house in order and understand what the next steps and right actions are to engage your audience going forward.

Our marketing team is no different.

Sign up now for the second episode of our Let’s Get Digital Bootcamp webinar series to hear from Adobe's marketing leaders on how our teams are adapting in these challenging times.

Get insights into:

  • The next steps to virtually engage and nurture your prospects and customers
  • Real examples of Marketo's revised marketing activities
  • Empowering marketers with inspiration to forge ahead (and even thrive)


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