Technology Marketing Solution

Transform your lead management process to drive more revenue

The technology industry depends on constant innovation. How do you ensure your marketing also stays cutting edge? With our Technology Marketing solution, you can continuously optimize your entire lead lifecycle—attracting, educating, and qualifying leads more completely, maximizing sales productivity, and delivering more new logo and install-base revenue.

Drive more 
top-of-funnel activity

Your buyers are empowered and control their own discovery process. Put yourself in their path. Attract top-of-funnel traffic through inbound and outbound programs, and convert leads with landing pages and progressive forms.

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Improve lead quality and velocity

Engage prospects and customers with deeply personal campaigns to develop the best quality leads, more quickly. Robust nurture capabilities let you help customers learn what they need to know about your products, so you can keep them moving forward in their journey.

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Increase revenue by focusing your revenue team

Optimize your revenue team’s performance by focusing them on their best bets. Use behaviors to rank customers on things such as their likelihood to purchase a specific product or respond to a cross-sell offer. Lead scoring lets you prioritize your time and effort on the most important and valuable opportunities, so you close more business.

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Measure impact and prove your value

Prove and improve your marketing by tracking what works best and when. Powerful, easy-to-use reporting lets you attribute success to activities at various stages of your funnel and across channels. It’s never been easier to accurately tie your marketing to revenue.

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CA Technologies used Marketo to transform their revenue funnel

Conversion rates increased 400%

Success Comes In All Sizes
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