Manufacturing Marketing Solution

Build relationships through a long
sales cycle

Provide purchasers with relevant content as they research and evaluate your products and services through online channels. Build relationships using personalized communications to nurture them through every step of the long sales cycle.

Hear how Comvita builds lasting customer relationships
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Align sales
and marketing

Improve your business performance by aligning your sales and marketing teams. Dramatically increase marketing ROI, sales productivity, and top-line revenue by ensuring your sales and marketing teams are sharing data and working toward the same goals, before engaging purchasers.

Learn how to align sales and marketing Learn how to align sales and marketing

Increase sales productivity

Easily identify which purchasers are ready to buy and which need more time based on their behaviors…before engaging sales. Ensure your sales team is well prepared for meetings by focusing them on the right accounts and the right contacts in those accounts, and watch your revenue increase!

See how lead nurturing can help sales
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Grow your
bottom line

Optimize sales and marketing spend by coordinating activities to drive high value transactions. With sales and marketing perfectly aligned, you can differentiate your company from the competition and be well positioned for growth.

Increase revenue with the right tools and strategies