Predictive Content

The highest performing content, every time, with the power of Adobe Sensei.


Target your buyer’s sweet spot with high-performing content on email and web

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Justify and optimize success of your predictive content

View proof that your predictive content is performing using deep content analytics and out-of-the-box success metric dashboards.

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Recommend the most relevant content using AI

Continuously learn, recommend, and display highly relevant web and email content that's most likely to convert for specific buyers.

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Automate activity based on predictive content engagement

Leverage triggers and filters to automate activities based on your buyer's engagement with predictive content recommendations.

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Simultaneously maximize your experiences and ROI

Adobe Sensei ensures your buyers are always receiving the most relevant experience while displaying the best performing assets.

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Select the recommendation type that fits your strategy

Align your content recommendations to fit your content marketing strategy by selecting from multiple web and email placements.

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Recommend content for lead and account-based strategies

Target lead and account-based audiences with personalized content recommendations to support both inbound and ABM strategies.


Direct lead conversion rate from predictive content recommendations

$100k +

In opportunities generated by content recommendations

$100k +

In opportunities generated by content recommendations

Predictive Content Features

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