Predictive Audiences

Target the right audience every time with confidence using artificial intelligence.


Optimize conversions with AI-powered audience segmentation

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Predict outcomes and track your goals with AI

Predict the outcome for your event with member-level registration and attendance predictions.

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Tap into the power of Adobe Sensei

Leverage AI powered by Adobe Sensei, providing intelligence services for real-time, personalized customer experiences.

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Intelligently invite the right audiences to events

Use data and intelligence instead of gut instinct and assumptions to reach exactly the right people.

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Replicate success from one campaign to the next

Use look-a-like audiences to efficiently replicate success using similar characteristics to identify a new audience.

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Predict communication fatigue and minimize opt-outs

Predict how likely your audience members are to unsubscribe and suppress them accordingly.

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Optimize programs in-flight to exceed your goals

Get notified if you are going to miss your goals and course correct with intelligent recommendations.

Increase Overall Conversion

Increase Overall Conversion

Minimize Opt-Outs

Minimize Opt-Outs

Maximize Event Registration & Attendance

Maximize Event Registration & Attendance

Predictive Audiences Features

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