Email Deliverability Packages

Successful email deliverability depends on a combination of best practices, email authentication, and reputation. Your standard Marketo subscription includes high-performance servers optimized for maximum email deliverability and reputation management. For Marketo customers who require more control and advanced capabilities, we also provide the following enhanced email deliverability packages.

Enhanced email deliverability power packs

Effortlessly ensure all links in your emails work properly and load quickly, plus preview how emails render across dozens of devices, browsers, and email clients to drive higher quality and increased customer response. Email Deliverability Power Packs include:

  • Seed-list Inbox Monitoring 
  • Delivery Monitor
  • Delivery Reporting 
  • ISP Alert Dashboard
  • Delivery Benchmark Reports
  • Email Rendering 
  • Spam Content Check
  • Link, Image, and HTML validation
Premium certified IP address

Customers with a proven track record of trusted email marketing are eligible to move to one of our premium certified IP addresses. Not every company will qualify, but those that do get the benefit of a high reputation IP address without the cost of maintaining their own dedicated IP. To qualify, customers must:

  • License one of the Email Deliverability packages
  • Use Marketo for three months with no spam complaints and meet strict thresholds for email deliverability
  • Sustain verifiable best practices for maintaining the quality of their email list
  • Have design practices and approval procedures to help ensure their email will not be perceived as spam


Dedicated IP address

Maintain complete control over your email sending reputation. For companies with high volume email requirements, Marketo offers the option of a dedicated IP address for email delivery, ensuring optimum security and deliverability.

  • Dedicated IP Address for Outbound Emails
  • Works with either the Email Deliverability Power Pack or Email Deliverability Power Pack Plus

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