Build the right target account list with speed and confidence using AI

S IdentityService 18 N

Discover net-new look-alike accounts with ease

Grow your target account lists with net-new accounts using AI-powered look-alike models and account-level data enrichment.

S Engagement 18 N

Know which accounts to target at scale, with one-click

Reveal which accounts have the highest chance of turning into revenue for ABM using AI-powered ideal customer profile models.

S PersonalizationField 18 N

Kick-start your ABM campaigns with confidence

Convert fit and intent data indicators into campaign filters to easily personalize and automate your account-based experiences.

S TaskList 18 N

Build multiple types of predictive target account lists

Get creative by building multiple types of predictive target account lists including cross-sell, best-fit, quick-win, and more.

S DataMapping 18 N

Validate target account lists with data, not opinions

Use fit and intent data indicators to show an objective view of accounts that are more likely to turn into revenue than others.

S TrendInspect 18 N

Make ABM easier, faster, and more accurate

Leverage the power and speed of simplified AI with self-service models and intuitive model tuning.


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