[Board Game] The Game of Nurture

Do you think you're a pro lead-nurturer? Put your skills to the test! 

The Game of Nurture covers the best tips and tricks to get to know your customers over time. It's an interactive board game where marketers compete to accelerate their leads from unknown contact, towards purchase and eventual advocacy. Can you take your leads from unknown to advocacy faster than the other players?

Download The Game of Nurture to find out!

Players start with two Nurture Stream pieces that they move through the nurture steps, on their way they will collect Lead Tiles, to boost the size of their nurture database. Players must be careful to avoid the pitfalls of an un-optimized nurture strategy, like dirty data or a high unsubscribe rate, or else they will be forced to move backward. To win, players must get both streams to the finish in advocacy with the most leads. Download this free, and fun board game and GET READY TO PLAY!

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