Marketo Reporting and Insights


With Marketo, you can create reports that analyze engagement with marketing programs and assets, track the impact the programs have on business outcomes, and measure the buyer’s journey. This course is designed to give participants a firm foundation in Marketo’s out-of-the-box reporting, which focuses on engagement and impact metrics. In this course, you’ll learn use cases for each report and how to customize reports to answer different business questions. You’ll also learn how to use these reports to demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts and focus your investment where it will be the most effective. This course does not cover add-on Marketo reports including Advanced Report Builder, Performance Insight, or Bizible.


½ day

Ways to attend

Instructor-led virtual 

Best for

Marketing professionals who need to demonstrate the value of their marketing efforts


$375 USD

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Learn to:

  • Create Programs following best practices to generate relevant reports
  • Create standard reports to analyze people, programs, and assets
  • Customize reports using filters and settings
  • Use special report features including drill-down, customer columns, and opportunity columns
  • Create report subscriptions

Hands-on exercises

Instructor demonstrations and hands-on activities help you gain in-class insights into best practices for measuring your marketing impact. Take-home materials help extend your learning beyond the class as you apply what you have learned back in your job. 

Suggested follow-on courses

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