The Doctor will See You Now: Lessons for Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Marketing in the healthcare industry can be difficult, largely due to the complexity of engaging with physicians — healthcare’s primary target audience. Physicians famously have no time and their profession is rapidly, and often unpredictably, changing. In many industries, the target persona generally does not wake up each morning and wonder whether the government changed the rules for getting paid overnight, for example. Physicians do. Suffice to say that marketing to the healthcare industry can get a bit complex.

Download this ebook and learn how CareCloud, a solution that enables medical practices to run their operations in the cloud, has leveraged tools like marketing automation to sharpen their marketing and accelerate their sales cycles.

Techniques discussed include:

  • Landing page optimization
  • Email automation and follow-through
  • Lead Nurturing and making the sale

The demands placed on doctors are many and it is time to evolve an industry where marketing used to mean faxes and visits from pharma reps and bring it to the forefront of its marketing peers.

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