Marketing With a View

In an ideal world, marketers collaborate with one another on projects, clearly communicate their activities to the sales team, and coordinate their program efforts across the entire company for maximum reach, buy-in, and efficiency. But, like we said, that’s in an “ideal world”.

For most of us, the reality is that marketing activities can be hard to coordinate—they’re often hard to even see. It’s a challenge to get the whole department on
the same page, especially when different teams are pushing different agendas. And using a variety of disconnected calendars and tools only exacerbates the problem. That's why you need a unified, centralized solution, like Marketo's Marketing Calendar

Download this ebook to learn all about:

  • The most common marketing planning pitfalls, from ill-defined goals to poorly organized data
  • How using multiple calendars reduces visibility
  • Why your calendar should directly link plans to actions
  • How a 360-degree view helps you access data, set an appropriate marketing cadence, and plan programs on the fly
  • How Marketo's Marketing Calendar gives you a transparent, interactive, comprehensive view of your marketing activities

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