50 Tried and True Social Insights from Real Marketers

Last year, Marketo embarked on our Social Marketing Rockstar Tour where we visited 15 cities across the nation to talk about implementing, executing, and measuring social strategy. We met marketing interns all the way up the ladder to CEOs, spoke to marketers from every industry, and networked with both large companies of 10,000+ employees and small companies of 10. The common denominator? An intense interest in social media and a desire to learn how to use it more holistically in every marketing campaign.

Every organization uses social in a different way. At each stop on the tour we collected insights from over 2000 customer attendees on how they are using social in their marketing today, plus any tips and lessons that they have learned along the way. We have gone through each entry and have compiled the best of the best!

Download our ebook and learn best practices on:

  • The rules of social engagement
  • How to measure and iterate
  • Ideas to generate social lift
  • Social marketing words of wisdom
  • Why content is king
  • How to make social a group effort

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