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The Definitive Guide to International Market Entry and Expansion

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The Definitive Guide to International Market Entry and Expansion is a free ebook for companies who are planning to expand into new regions and want to ensure they get it right. Based on our own experience of successfully moving into Europe in 2011, it's full of tips and advice from some of the best international marketing experts we know.

By the end of this ebook, you'll be completely up to speed on the 5 core activities that we at Marketo know to be absolutely essential for the first 100 days in a new territory:

  • Doing market analysis the right way
  • Getting your right team and infrastructure in place
  • Planning and executing your go-to-market initiatives
  • Monitoring, measuring and refining your marketing campaigns
  • Closing the loop with HQ

The ebook is full of insights from leading experts:

 John Watton, CMO, Expedia Affiliate Network

Content gives you credibility. It gives you gravitas. It’s the story that can turn you from a nice to have to a must have. In emerging markets that can be thought leadership and innovator for early adopters. In more established markets that can be testimonials and customer evidence.

Bob Apollo, Managing Partner, Inflexion Point

When entering a new geography you can generally leverage the learning from your success in other markets, with a modicum of tuning to match local conditions. New verticals require significant preparations in identifying the issues in those new verticals, and in making sure you have strong product-market fit

Rene Power, Business Development Director, Barrett Dixon Bell

Companies have lots of content assets and really need to think outside the box to creatively repackage and re-deploy good content in multiple formats. Successful content marketing strategies reformat content in a variety of ways whether written as press releases, web news, blog posts, as group discussions, polls, research, as a presentation, Slideshare, interactive PDF, newsletter, webinar or as a video, animation or audio podcast

Tim Barker, CMO, DataSift

If you're changing an industry, you need to act like it. We launched BigDataWweek ( as a community-driven initiative to promote the Big Data industry in a series of 50+ events in 9 countries. As the founding organisation in this initiative, we were able to promote how DataSift is driving the industry. This also opened up some incredible opportunities for us, including hosting a Twitter Q&A with the CTO of the White House.

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