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Marketo Web Retargeting empowers Sisense to increase conversion 13X while reducing cost per conversion 10X. 


Delivering targeted ads based on industry and buying cycle stage boosts the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and turns new leads into paying customers faster.

Sisense Inc.’s comprehensive solution for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing large, disparate datasets simplifies business analytics for complex data. Customers leverage Sisense solutions to produce actionable business intelligence in days instead of months. Business users and analysts can then freely explore the data without relying on a patchwork of tools or extensive IT assistance. While Galia Nedvedovich, Senior Marketing Manager at Sisense, and her team were using Google remarketing to show digital ads to people who have visited their website and bring them back for return visits, they were seeking ways to improve their ad retargeting capabilities and boost campaign results. That’s when they decided to implement Marketo Web Retargeting. The result: personalized retargeting is now driving conversion rates up and costs down.


  • Improve conversion rates with targeted messaging based on industry and the prospect’s stage in the buying journey
  • Engage with prospects on all channels to accelerate the buying journey
  • Optimize marketing spend 


From generic to targeted messaging 

In the past, Galia and her team found that their messaging using Google remarketing capabilities was too generic to achieve the kind of conversion rates they were looking for. Marketo Web Retargeting changed the game, enabling them to serve up personalized ad banner across the web with messaging to known leads based on a combination of lead data and anonymous visitor data. By combining Marketo with Google AdWords, the team is now able to advertise to:

  • Anonymous visitors by promoting a free Sisense trial
  • Anonymous visitors from target verticals (e.g. Government, Finance)
  • Known visitors based on their stage in the buying cycle and vertical

The team built vertical type, visitor type, and known lead segments in Marketo and identified buying cycle stages, including new lead, marketing-qualified lead, and opportunity. An important goal was to expedite lead flow through the sales cycle by engaging with prospects on every channel until they generated revenue, becoming a “won” opportunity and a new customer. Marketers, like Galia, can synchronize their efforts with Marketo nurture streams and emails to audiences at different stages in the sales cycle.

To accomplish this, Galia segmented website visitors based on known lead data and buying cycle stage and then appended this data from Marketo into Google remarketing. As a result, she delivered targeted, personalized remarketing ads to the right audiences, engaging them in an ongoing conversation throughout the buying journey.

For example, Sisense segmented the audience based on buying stage. To target early stage buyers, Galia targeted an ad to the new leads segment that featured an offer to attend a BI Trends webinar with top BI leaders to educate people at this early stage of the journey. 

BI trends webinar offer ad for new prospects. 

To target prospects in a later buying stage - for example, a marketing-qualified lead or opportunity - Sisense featured an ad promoting a product comparison report for download illustrating Sisense advantages over competing solutions. 

Product comparison ad targeting marketing-qualified leads, opportunities, and others in later stages of the buying journey  


Higher Conversion, Lower Costs 

Since adding personalized ad retargeting using Marketo Web Retargeting, Sisense has boosted the conversion rate goals by 13 times. New leads in the early stage of the buyer journey show a conversion rate as high as 40% along with much higher engagement in response to the personalized, highly relevant ads. Higher conversion rates have reduced spend per lead, decreasing cost per conversion 10 times.