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↑ 30%

Lead Velocity 

↑ 38%

MQL to SQL Conversation Rate

↓ 27%

Cost per sales visit

Plexus speeds rollout of game-changing Gateway platform with Marketo, an Adobe company


When Plexus launched Gateway in 2016, senior management knew that this innovative platform could be a true game-changer for in-house legal teams. Marketing Director Ed Pullen recalls that enthusiasm was high because this first-of-its-kind platform puts impressive tools in the hands of in-house legal teams, enabling them to deliver faster, better, and more cost-effective legal support.

Plexus needed a digital marketing solution that empowered marketers to ramp up quickly with personalised, automated campaigns that engage, educate, and nurture prospects across different geographic regions. After rigorously investigating the options, the team chose Marketo, an Adobe company, for its scalability, integration with third-party platforms, and Marketo’s high caliber support staff.


  • Engage Plexus’ audience on the value that their Gateway platform can provide
  • Gain visibility into the funnel to provide sales with highly qualified leads that quickly produce revenue
  • More accurately attribute the value of various interactions, touchpoints, and content in moving prospects from initial interest to purchase

"We went from zero visibility into the funnel and customer journey to 100% visibility,” Ed notes. “We can now gauge the role that the various touchpoints play in moving a prospect through the customer journey. We’re able to prioritise leads more effectively. Leads are more ‘ready’ now when we turn them over to our sales development reps, so they are easier to convert. That has driven the cost per sales qualified lead (SQL) down significantly. In addition, sales development reps are saving two or more hours a day.”


From zero to 100% visibility

Marketo Engage capabilities such as templates and the ability to clone all or portions of previous campaigns allow Plexus marketers to build new campaigns 30% faster than before. Multivariate testing enables them to assess the effectiveness of creative, content, timing, and other campaign elements.

The team has integrated Marketo Engage with other tools to create a comprehensive view of each prospect. Integration with Eventbrite, for example, feeds data collected from event participants into the marketing database, allowing marketers to engage these prospects through digital campaigns and move them through the customer journey.

"Marketo Engage provided a scalable way to hit the market at speed,” Ed says. “Our three-person team had Marketo up and running within two months—three weeks ahead of schedule. We now have full visibility. And we can optimise our campaigns week after week so we’re continually improving performance. We can assess multiple versions of previous campaigns to see what worked and what didn’t. As a result, we are getting the best possible outcomes as we move forward.”

With the help of Marketo Engage, Gateway marketers are achieving impressive results:

  • Lead velocity accelerated more than 30%, from 28 to 16 days
  • The company has seen a 20% lift in SQLs
  • Cost per SQL decreased by 27% after the launch of Marketo
  • The marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to SQL conversion rate increased from 19% to 28%

"Marketo Engage gave us the tools we needed to achieve not just short-term successes but also to set the stage for the incredibly long-term successes that we anticipate,” Ed concludes.