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Eliminating marketing silos enables PFL to create a compelling buyer journey that drives customer engagement 



With Marketo, marketers personalize content and coordinate interactions across email, display ads, social media, even direct mail, to engage B2B and B2C customers and create new opportunities.

PFL has evolved its print shop business dramatically since opening its doors in Livingston, Montana in 1996. In 1999, management seized the opportunity offered by the internet and launched, the first ecommerce commercial printer. Since then, PFL has helped 125,000+ customers of all sizes implement high-impact print marketing strategies. The company recently added a new dimension to its business, launching software-as-a- service (SaaS) applications that are changing the way businesses buy print. That launch prompted Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Gaugler to reinvent PFL’s marketing strategy and implement Marketo to take advantage of sophisticated marketing automation capabilities that enable marketers to deliver value consistently at every step in the customer journey. PFL has also integrated Marketo with its Tactile Marketing AutomationTM (TMA) SaaS offering and is leveraging this to give customers exciting new options that drive marketing success.


  • Eliminate marketing silos to coordinate the customer experience across channels
  • Manage unique customer experiences for ecommerce, SaaS, and partner audiences
  • Gain visibility into marketing’s contribution to revenue 



Eliminating Silos

In the past year, PFL has more than doubled the size of its marketing team, growing from five people to 12. In addition, the team has replaced its siloed approach to channels with an integrated strategy that delivers value at every touch point by providing consistent, relevant messaging across the web, email, direct mail, display advertising, and social media. PFL marketers have embraced marketing automation to help them achieve their goal of creating an exceptional customer experience during every interaction. Marketo is playing a vital role in helping PFL eliminate silos and develop its integrated digital marketing approach.

"We are creating customer experiences tailored to three very distinct audiences: ecommerce customers who buy printing, enterprise customers who use our SaaS offerings, and members of our partner network. Marketo lets us manage diverse lifecycles, develop programs for each audience, and manage buyer journeys based on very different interests and needs. Within each audience, we can coordinate interactions across every channel.”



Driving engagement, open rates, and opportunities

Daniel and his team are taking full advantage of Marketo’s advanced capabilities, from nurture programs and account-based marketing to Web Personalization, which enables them to personalize website content, messaging, and calls-to-action based on data PFL has captured on each visitor. Marketo automates the delivery of personalized display ads to customer segments in Facebook and Google. PFL marketers are also using Revenue Cycle Explorer to understand what drives conversion and revenue. As a result, they have the information they need to allocate market spend for optimum ROI.

"Right away we saw a 27% increase in email open rates. Another early win was the 16% drop in unsubscribes. We’re really stoked about the results we’re achieving from integration across channels and the cohesive and consistent buyer journey for each of our audiences. When we added display retargeting, Web Personalization, and TMA, response increased by 204%. We’re seeing a definite improvement in engagement, which indicates that we are delivering more value to our customers.”

Creating Innovative SaaS Offerings

PFL has also integrated Marketo with its TMA application to make the sending of timely, personalized direct mail as easy as sending email. The integration enables PFL customers to trigger the send of direct mail, including such items as collateral, promotional items, and gift kits, through Marketo. PFL handles all fulfillment, shipping, and tracking. This personalized, high-impact dimensional mail increases marketing effectiveness, enhances the relevancy of engagements, and improves operational efficiency by combining direct mail and digital work streams in a single workflow on a single marketing platform.

"With TMA, customers can add a direct mail send in any of their Marketo campaign flows. Plus, they can push information back into Marketo to bring in status updates on the direct mail piece. We leverage the web hook technology and the Marketo REST API to make this possible."