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  • 200% increase in raw inquires
  • 26% decrease in the average cost per lead
  • 135% increase in the number of sales opportunities created
  • 148% increase in opportunities won



Navicure, a leading provider of automated, Web-based revenue cycle management solutions for physician practices, faced two marketing challenges: generating a steady stream of raw leads, and effectively nurturing these raw leads to become qualified sales opportunities. These challenges were compounded by a marketing infrastructure in which data was housed in disparate locations, resulting in multiple instances of the same lead that made it difficult to track lead lifecycles, not to mention the constant manual review of leads to resolve data conflicts.



Navicure selected Marketo as its marketing automation platform in order to establish a systematic, automated nurturing infrastructure and more effectively develop leads into sales opportunities. In addition, Navicure engaged Spear Marketing Group, a Marketo solutions partner, to help build the demand funnel, develop the overall strategy for demand generation and lead nurturing, and design the creative assets that would power the new system. Together, they developed a two-pronged approach designed to drive new leads into the pipeline and to nurture those leads to opportunities. First, to better capture leads and track lead lifecycles, Marketo registration forms were deployed throughout Navicure’s Website, blogs, PPC campaigns and online advertising campaigns. Secondly, an automated (triggered), multi-phase lead nurturing program was implemented to generate interest from existing database contacts and to move raw leads through the sales pipeline.



Since implementing Marketo, Navicure has seen a dramatic improvement in lead generation results year- over-year and a 26% decrease in the average cost per lead. In fact, in 2010 alone, Navicure saw a 200% increase in raw inquiries. With that increase in raw leads and a more effective nurturing program, Navicure has realized a 135% increase in the number of sales opportunities created and from those opportunities, a 148% increase in opportunities won.