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  • Increased opportunity conversions by 40% across all marketing channels, significantly contributing to global revenue goals
  • Unified demand generation efforts by consolidating regional sales and marketing activities into one centralized platform, creating global brand consistency and worldwide efficiencies
  • Delivered over 300K emails (900% increase) over the past twelve months through Marketo and achieved a 100% improvement in delivery, open, and click-through rates
  • Managed 30+ global offline events through Marketo, including pre and post show email follow ups, boosting ROI for each event
  • Centralized collection of disparate databases—across 28 countries and 17 languages—producing a uniform, quality database that integrated with Salesforce and enabled better analysis and strategic decisions



Founded in 1996, Lionbridge (Nasdaq: LIOX)  enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide. The company provides translation, digital marketing operations and global content solutions that ensure global brand consistency, local relevancy and technical usability across all touch points of the global customer lifecycle.

Prior to Marketo, Lionbridge’s sales teams received inconsistent demand generation support from corporate marketing teams. In the past, regional offices often managed marketing programs locally - maintaining their own websites and capturing leads outside of  which diluted Marketing’s ability to maintain data quality, messaging oversight and operational consistency. Incongruity in global marketing operations also created a disconnection between Marketing and Sales departments. Lionbridge needed a marketing automation platform that could integrate seamlessly with and facilitate adoption by the Marketing team. Lionbridge searched for a sophisticated tool that could drive data quality and demand consistency to enable global brand control and workflow efficiencies.


Lionbridge chose Marketo for its functionality and ease of use, which was essential for their broader goal of centralizing global marketing efforts. Adopting Marketo allowed Lionbridge’s marketing team to define what a qualified lead was and gain insight into how it moves through the lead stages. Lionbridge centralized their disparate databases— across 28 countries and 17 languages—many of which previously had been isolated in regional offices and living in excel lists. Lionbridge now had a more consistent, quality database with the capacity for powerful global reporting. With full visibility into outbound and inbound campaigns around the world—including emails, landing pages, events, webinar programs, and lead forms—Lionbridge finally had the centralized, real-time reporting it needed to understand which marketing channels created the best ROI.

With Marketo, Lionbridge was able to increase its email delivery by over 900% across outbound and inbound in its first year and achieved a 100% improvement in delivery, open, and click-through rates. They’ve also managed over 30 global offline events through Marketo, sending out pre and post show emails, transforming the responsiveness and ROI for those events. While Lionbridge has consolidated their data and demand generation, they’ve done so in a very sophisticated manner that allows for agility in local markets.  For example, EMEA is now able to deliver campaigns in a half dozen languages centrally from Marketo, allowing for local control while still maintaining a consistent global brand.



With Marketo, Lionbridge has achieved 40% improvement in opportunity conversions across all marketing channels. Lionbridge converged disparate lead information and created a high-quality, international database, allowing their sales and marketing teams to transform the way they nurture and convert leads. With Marketo’s analytics, Lionbridge can make data-driven decisions about which channels deserve re-investment. Moreover, the marketing team has transformed its relationship with sales, because they have the metrics to illustrate their contribution to the pipeline. As Clint Poole, Lionbridge’s VP of Corporate Marketing explains, “Marketo is the one partner that brings marketers together to learn and share—whether it’s at the national summit, or in local user groups, on the online community—partnering with them is a continual learning journey.”