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Egencia gains dramatic improvements in marketing productivity and customer engagement with Marketo to drive greater revenue



Egencia is the fifth largest corporate travel management company in the world, and is the business travel division of Expedia, Inc. Because travel management is fundamentally a personal service that cannot be standardized or commoditized, Egencia recognized this fact as their core business value.

Egencia is not your typical one-size-fits-all travel service. By combining a powerful offline and online solution, Egencia delivers personalized, 24/7 global service, transforming the way companies manage and control their corporate travel spend, while also satisfying the need for quality support to travelers while they are on the road. In addition, Egencia offers an unmatched choice of air, hotel, and car rental options.

Egencia was looking for an intelligent platform to manage its outreach campaigns, ensure messaging was relevant and leads were trackable. Discovering its successful track record in delivering breakthrough innovation to transform the way marketing and sales collaborate throughout the revenue cycle, Egencia turned to Marketo.


  • Automate and measure demand generation campaigns
  • Improve alignment across the sales and marketing teams
  • Increase efficiencies and relieve strain on marketing resources
  • Drive deeper engagement with prospects and customers to fuel revenue growth 


Delivering on the Customer Acquisition Challenge

Egencia knew that consistently delivering this level of integrated technology and service requires constant, targeted client engagement in order to ensure the sales and marketing teams are reaching the right prospects at the right time with the right offer.

At the most basic level, the marketing team needed to arm their sales and account management teams with the ability to connect with customers in a more meaningful way than standard email templates would allow. The sales team was demanding detailed lead tracking and more flexibility in how they communicated with prospects.

The company was at a decision point: do they continue along the email management path or take a more strategic step and acquire a complete revenue performance management platform? It became apparent the latter was the best approach to drive higher efficiencies throughout their entire customer acquisition and revenue pipeline.

Following a thorough evaluation of products on the market, Marketo stood out with its unique ability to generate, nurture, qualify and close more high quality sales leads with less effort. 

"With Marketo, we had no reservations. We quickly realized that not only is the solution miles ahead of any other product on the market, but the expertise that Marketo brings to the deployment is irreplaceable.” 



Dramatic Improvement in Marketing Productivity and Customer Engagement

Productivity was a primary issue for Egencia marketing. “It would literally take hours to do a simple email blast”, said Cate Vanasse, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Success at Egencia. “Now, we not only have the tools to easily produce and execute full campaigns, we can effectively track leads and engage with prospects and customers on a more meaningful level. We can also quickly make adjustments and tweak our campaigns based on buyer behavior and responses.”

Since deploying Marketo, they can now focus on building and delivering the right content to the right person at the right time, as opposed to getting mired down in the execution details.