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  • Switched from a legacy platform to Marketo and cut their administration time by half
  • Experienced huge cost savings – Marketo's acquisition rate was half the cost of their previous legacy platform's renewal rate
  • Migrated a vast data set from a legacy platform to Marketo in a 2½ weeks with no down time
  • Integrated seamlessly and leveraged real-time pipeline visibility for increased revenues
  • Increased productivity, getting campaigns out the door more efficiently with Marketo's intuitive plug-and-play logic



Providing customized business analytics to over 1,000 organizations, Birst is one of the fastest growing global B2B software pioneers. With its dynamic dashboards, reporting, and analytics, Birst enables users to combine data from different source systems and obtain answers to pressing business concerns in a real time. Previously, Birst was using a legacy-based automated marketing platform. To integrate with, data synchronization would sometimes take over two hours, making it impossible to act on lead behavior effectively. When Birst requested to revert their legacy platform to an earlier version (because their power user was most familiar with that version), their legacy representative wouldn't let them, and the real kicker–he doubled the rate on their renewal contract! Birst's stakeholders wanted an intelligent system with sophisticated integration–but one that didn't break the marketing department's budget.



When Birst switched to Marketo, they were thrilled to get an agile upgrade with huge savings. Marketo's professional services ensured Birst migrated in 2½ weeks and was launching campaigns within 15 days. Birst leveraged Marketo in email campaigns, data field updates, auto responders, and its website's API. In addition, Birst integrated with seamlessly and maximized opportunities with campaigns in real time–no more tedious batch synchronization. Birst obtained ROI analysis and closed-loop reporting right in Marketo. The upshot: Birst's Demand Generation team could apply Marketo's Lead Management's powerful metrics to important marketing and business decisions.



With Marketo, Birst's Demand Generation team has greatly increased its marketing productivity. In the past, Birst's team had to make the most of a limited campaign module and was frustrated by working with a bifurcated process diagram and "plug and play" interface. Marketo's intuitive "eye candy" analytics and reporting enable Birst's team to increase efficiencies and get compelling campaigns out the door. Marketo's real time reporting enables Birst to make valuable marketing decisions that contribute to revenue generation and strategic business decisions as it expands globally.