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RTP campaigns generate click-through rate


Content assets automatically discovered 


  • Real-Time Personalization (RTP) campaigns generate click-thru rates of 15%-20%
  • 180+ content assets automatically discovered by RTP content recommendation engine
  • Implementation completed in days
  • Planning additional vertical and account-based personalization campaigns


Bazaarvoice is a network that connects brands and retailers to the authentic voices of people where they shop. Recently named a Leader among Social Depth Platform Vendors by Forrester in the Forrester WaveTM: Social Depth Platforms report, Bazaarvoice connects 400 million monthly unique customers that share feedback on tens of millions of products on a single network.

Before searching for a personalization solution, Bazaarvoice had been considering it for quite some time as a way to advance their lead generation tactics. In their search, Bazaarvoice evaluated several real-time personalization solutions but only Marketo RTP had the ability to segment prospects and personalize content based on their firmographics, such as company and industry, and also based on their actual behavior. In addition, Marketo RTP web console was simple and easy-to-use while still offering robust capabilities and full control over campaigns without the need for IT involvement.


With Marketo RTP, the Bazaarvoice website presents targeted messaging based on the individual visitor, ensuring that each prospect sees the most relevant content. Bazaarvoice was able to implement the Marketo RTP solution in just a few days. “The RTP implementation process was incredibly easy. A couple of introductory calls to review the capabilities and we were ready to go. Compared to SaaS solutions we’ve used in other parts of our business, the RTP implementation was entirely painless,” says Greg Frame, Director of Internet Marketing at Bazaarvoice. Within a few weeks, Bazaarvoice had created 10-15 real-time campaigns. RTP automatically leveraged visitors’ firmographic and behavioral data to customize the web experience based on their company, industry, location and actual behavior. 


Bazaarvoice has been very pleased with the results they are attaining with their RTP solution. Their initial real-time campaigns, focused on product interest and target locations, have generated click-through-rates of up to 20%. In addition, Marketo’s RTP content discovery module has automatically identified over 180 content assets that the RTP content recommendation engine can leverage to recommend the most relevant assets to Bazaarvoice website visitors. RTP’s content recommendation engine tracks visitor views of content across the company’s website. This way, Bazaarvoice marketers can identify what has the highest number of views, providing valuable insight into what content creates the highest ROI.

Going forward, Bazaarvoice plans to utilize RTP’s account-based marketing capabilities to engage prospects from target industries or identify high-yield target accounts and run campaigns that specifically target named account lists. By providing the most relevant content to educate and nurture their most valuable accounts, Bazaarvoice can increase their up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Bazaarvoice also plans to leverage the Marketo marketing automation integration to personalize content based on known visitors lead score and role.