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  • Gained efficiencies to reduce administration and reporting activities by 70%
  • A/B testing optimizes messaging to highest impact
  • Opportunity Influencer Analyzer helps maximize campaigns results



Avoka is one of the world’s leading customer experience management companies, specializing in multi-channel customer transactions. Prior to Marketo, Avoka’s marketing process was extremely manual. Reporting was done on spreadsheets and data had to be pulled from multiple platforms, making the process cumbersome. It often took days just to complete required reporting, and by then, results often weren’t timely enough to allow the company to make strategic adjustments to marketing programs. Creating and running campaigns, too, was inefficient and time-consuming. Avoka recognized the need for a fully integrated and automated solution to enable streamlined campaign management. Sarah Samplonius, Avoka’s Senior Manager of Global Advertising and Digital, led Avoka through a thorough search for a new solution. “I’ve used lots of external platforms as well as some homegrown ones. A lot of them can do some things very well, but not everything and a lot of the time not even that many things. They might have a capability we need, but it’s slow or the solution is complex and not user-friendly, which is frustrating. We chose Marketo because it does all the things we need really well and it’s scalable to meet our global needs,” explains Samplonius.


Avoka was able to implement Marketo and be fully operational within a month to create targeted, relevant campaigns. With Marketo, reporting is done automatically, so Avoka’s marketing group can focus its resources on building smarter campaigns. Marketo’s Opportunity Influencer Analyzer provides a clear picture of how each activity has impacted a particular opportunity, enabling Avoka to maximize marketing activities to best drive revenue. Avoka also leverages Marketo to run A/B testing on subject lines to determine which words trigger a response in their target audience. Marketo also gives Avoka full visibility into regional teams to identify where opportunities might be missed and to ensure that the global businesses are functioning as a unified organization.



With Marketo, Avoka can leverage their marketing spend to its highest and best use. “As a start-up, we don’t have a lot of extra resources and we’re all doing ten jobs. The biggest change with Marketo is that we can point to things and say, ‘this is not working; we have to stop wasting our time doing that.’ We’re able to focus and put the money and the resources on what works,” says Samplonius. Marketo has also enabled Avoka’s marketing team to educate sales on the influence of marketing. With Marketo Sales Insight, sales can easily see where prospects and leads are in the pipeline and what they have received from marketing to have relevant, timely contact that drive those prospects to close.

The efficiencies Avoka has gained with Marketo have also been a major win. Avoka had been manually changing the status of a lead when a contact left a company, which meant someone had to follow a series of steps for every undeliverable email. With Marketo, Avoka quickly built a smart campaign for this. Email addresses that are undeliverable are simply added to the list and everything else is done automatically. Avoka estimates that Marketo has created efficiencies equal to a 70% reduction in the time devoted to administrating and reporting on marketing activities. Going forward, Avoka is looking to Marketo’s LaunchPoint partners for additions, such as data enrichment tools.