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Tips for the Social Marketer Cheat Sheet: Blogging

Blogs play a key role in educating prospects for lead generation and nurturing. Many of your most qualified leads—whether you’ve identified them or not—are readers of your blog. Your blog can be one of the most powerful marketing assets – if you stick to the topics your prospects and customers will find most compelling and avoid the hard sell. A blog adds a human touch, especially when a blog has several contributors and it also lets you focus on your prospect’s agenda instead of yours. It can be a great idea to try and get participation from leaders in your organization. Not only will this diversify your blog content, but it will also bring more visibility to your key thought leaders. Additionally, a blog is great to make sure you keep up with your content marketing mix, as the format is more conducive to quick, easily digestible posts.

This cheat sheet helps you understand how to use blogging for lead generation, and gives you some quick action items and best practices that you can use in your marketing right away.

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