Ask The CMO: Will Heineken USA's Newly Imported Brazilian CMO Be The Brand's Next 'Legendary' Leader?

Sold in 178 countries, Heineken is a global brand with a global marketing challenge: How do you create location-specific content while also telling a coherent brand story from Belgium to Burundi? Heineken U.S.A. CMO Nuno Teles grapples with that question—and its possible solutions—every day.

As part of a series called Ask the CMO, Mashable spoke with Nuno Teles, CMO of Heineken U.S.A., about how his brand:

  • Tracks consumer behaviors
  • Speaks to beer and cider drinkers around the globe
  • Creates bold, relevant messages—and why that's paramount to brand marketing

Download this article to get all the details and read the Q&A with Nuno Teles.

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