Welcome to the Age of the EmpoweredAI Marketer

Your customers show you every day how they’re unique. But, building campaigns to correspond to individual signals and preferences has never been possible at scale. Until now. Here’s how artificial intelligence empowers you, the marketer, to engage in a whole new way.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Enhance the Marketer?

Customers show you how they want to be engaged and expect you to deliver value at each touchpoint with speed and precision. The path to value? Listening, learning, and using the resulting insights to engage on a personal level. It’s a virtuous cycle that requires you to turn data into intelligent action at scale, which can’t be achieved by hand-tuning campaigns. The answer is your expertise, enhanced by artificial intelligence. And with all of the discussion around AI, it helps to know how marketers like you approach the opportunity.

View the infographic to see how marketers are thinking about AI.

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"Marketo ContentAI is built for marketers, taking the guesswork out of determining what content will resonate best with each person who interacts with our brand.”

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“Marketo gives us visibility into individual needs and then enables us to engage people by zeroing in on those needs.”

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“Personalized messaging and predictive capabilities have greatly increased the effectiveness of our content. After only a year, it’s become one of our department’s largest generators of opportunities and revenue.”

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Why AI-powered Content is Key to Engagement

Did you know that irrelevant content is the #1 reason customers choose to tune you out? In this rapidly evolving technology landscape, customer expectations have shifted to require more from the companies they interface with — they seek a personal relationship that offers them value wherever they are and whenever they are ready to engage.

Discover more about how today’s customers expect to be engaged, and how marketers like you are using technologies like AI to reach them.

Explore our benchmark study, The State of Engagement.

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